Wholesale Lehenga Choli

Wholesale Lehenga Choli

Full Set Only
INR 8372
8 Pieces
Arya Zara Soft Net Fabric Designer Lehenga Collection
Full Set Only
INR 4354
8 Pieces
Arya Euphoria 7 Orgenza Fabric Havy Designer Lehenga Collection
Full Set Only
INR 6057
8 Pieces
Alizeh Heritage 2 Net with Silk Fabric Havy Bridal Lehenga Collection
Full Set Only
INR 3333
24 Pieces
Arya Florals 2 Silk Fabric With Embroidery Havy Lehenga Collection
Full Set Only
INR 4738
12 Pieces
Arya Gulkhand 3 Valvet Fabric Weth Embroidery Wedding Lehenga Collection
Full Set Only
INR 6974
10 Pieces
Arya Euphoria 5 Orgenza Fabric With Embriodery Designer Lehenga Collection
Full Set Only
INR 8885
2 Pieces
Alizeh Mirror Maze 1 Designer Wedding Lehenga Collection
Full Set Only
INR 4181
12 Pieces
Nakkashi Patrika Designer Wedding Lehenga Collection
Full Set Only
INR 6632
12 Pieces
Arya Vastrey 2 Designer Wedding Lehenga choli collection
Full Set Only
INR 1450
5 Pieces
Blossom Festive Wear Designer Lahenga Collection
Full Set Only
INR 2745
5 Pieces
Aawiya Hiranyam 1 Wedding Wear Lehenga Collection
Full Set & Single
INR 3960
5 Pieces
Arya Cinderella 9 Soft Net Sequence Work Designer Lehenga Choli
Full Set & Single
INR 3163
5 Pieces
Agnilekha Vol.1 Heavy Net Stylish Embroidery Work Wedding Wear Lehenga Choli
Full Set & Single
INR 3666
6 Pieces
Peafowl Vol.62 Butterfly Net Heavy Resham And Zari Work Stylish Lehenga Choli
Full Set & Single
INR 1699
7 Pieces
Peafowl Vol. 61 Chennai Silk Wedding Wear Heavy Embroidery Work lehenga Choli
Full Set Only
INR 4730
11 Pieces
Arya Cinderella Soft Net Heavy Sequence And Dori With Jari Work Exclusive Lehenga Choli - Wedding Wear
Full Set & Single
INR 3300
6 Pieces
Arya Euphoria 2 Stylish Lehenga Choli At Wholesale rate
Full Set & Single
INR 3000
7 Pieces
Arya Florals 3 Designer Lehenga Choli - Wedding Wear
Full Set Only
INR 3467
9 Pieces
Arya Vol.4 Wedding Wear Designer Lehenga Choli
Full Set Only
INR 3377
7 Pieces
Arya Floral Stylish Lehenga Choli - Wedding Wear
Full Set Only
INR 3029
7 Pieces
KF Rasam 2 Party Wear Wonderful Lehenga Choli Collection

Lehenga choli is one of India's most loved garments and holds great cultural significance as it was first established for royalty during the Mughal times. It consists of a long floor-length skirt that usually bears the embellishment details, it is paired with a short choli or blouse that is designed and decorated to match the lehenga. The lehenga we see today is modernized but still bears much resemblance to its predecessor to make an amazing sight.

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Latest Bridal Lehenga Design Catalog:

Our latest wholesale lehenga catalog features trending styles straight from high profile designers around the country to make sure that you have all the most desired looks on the market in your wardrobe so you can start wearing them immediately. All the shades of the rainbow combined with embroidery, zari work, beadwork, sequins, and stonework can be seen on our quality items. We are the number one stop for bulk orders of all types of Women's ethnic wear and will be your favorite store with our convenient payment methods.

Types of Lehenga Designs:

You will never get tired or bored of all the new styles emerging from the market, it is actually an exciting experience to see such carefully crafted garments. Here are some types that we specialize in.

Bridal Lehenga choli:

Every girl wishes to look like a princess on her wedding day, with this idea in mind our specialists have custom-crafted patterns that are sure to please every woman. Incorporating traditional designs with fan favorites gives a mixture of both worlds without compromising on any opinions. White, beige, reds, maroons, and gold, all can be found among our collections that are available to all at the lowest prices so that anyone can afford to buy them for themselves or someone close to them. You can also buy wholesale salwar kameez from here.

Designer Lehenga choli:

The word designer implies that they are specially designed and take more time to perfectly finish them. They feature some of the most in-demand styling designs that are on the market. Whichever one you pick, you will be pleased with your purchase and feel exceptional when you wear it. Suitable for making fashion statements at a party, wedding, or a public ceremony, all this at a minimal price that will not burn a hole in your pocket.

Wedding Lehenga choli:

Dressing for a family wedding will probably be the most important event of your life, being apart of the bride or groom's family is considered an honor, so you will not want to mess it up at all costs. An extraordinary wedding lehenga can be found among the hundreds of designs we design on a regular basis, we make sure all are in stock and that there is one for everybody to get and look like the best version of yourselves because we know you are all worth it. You can also buy good Kurtis catalog collection from our website don't forget to check it out.

Netting Lehenga choli:

The use of different fabrics is a skill that we are well versed with, one specific material we enjoy playing around with is netting. This fancy fabric makes an outfit look even more attractive and feminine, no wonder they are flying off the shelf and getting out of stock so fast, better grab your fast. Light hues with intricate floral embroidery makes for a match made to stun guests. It is bound to stay in fashion for a very long time since girls cannot get enough of this look and it can be sported to any kind of function, formal or fashionable.

Partywear Lehenga choli:

Everyone loves to attend a party, but sometimes it can get confusing trying to figure out what is the right outfit for a party. Some good news is that the lehenga chili lookbook we have has all the right choices that will help you get praise and compliments from all the other guests at the party. People will be asking for the secrets to get the best party-ready look, don't say we did not warn you. Shimmery and shiny stone and sequins will see you through the night and make you feel like you belong on the dance floor. With a bit of help from makeup and accessories, you will be the life of the party. With lehenga you can also look for wholesale sarees as we have a huge collection of them as well on our online shop

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