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Full Set Only
INR 1915
3 Pieces
Af Bandhan Vol 3 Chinon Fancy Kurti pant With Dupatta Collection
Full Set Only
INR 1120
6 Pieces
Af Sakhire Lilen Kurti Pant With Dupatta Collection
Full Set Only
INR 1395
6 Pieces
Af Sangeet Vol 3 Fancy Designer Kurti Pant With Dupatta Collection
Full Set Only
INR 1465
6 Pieces
Af Mayra Vol 2 Designer Silk Kurti Pant With Dupatta Collection
Full Set Only
INR 1445
6 Pieces
Af Zara Vol 3 Party Wear Designer Kurti With Bottom And Dupatta Collection
Full Set Only
INR 1150
6 Pieces
Af Flora Vol 2 Party Wear Designer Kurti Collection

Anju Fabrics

Anju Fabrics is an Indore-based distributor with a stellar reputation for offering stylish women's clothes at competitive prices. These Wholesale Kurtis are of the highest caliber and are offered in enticing variants at affordable prices.You also have a lot of options to consider. Based on different seasons, types of content, strategies, tones, and that's only the tip of the iceberg. If you don't want to spend a lot of money on materials from well-known brands, look into the Cash On Delivery Wholesale Dress Materials.

They are known for offering kurtis that come with pajamas and dupatta. You can choose from a variety of tone and pattern options that are suitable for everyday wear as well as special occasions.We offer a large selection of Anju Fabrics Salwar suits, and you were pleased to see that we offer a wide range of options in different fabrics and designs. Included were the numerous styles of Kurtis.

Anju Fabrics Mayur This Kurti features a simple design, drab color variations, and nearly identical dupatta options. It is knee-length. They are available in glittering material, which is typically made of silk. With a pullover that often exposes your tummy, Anju Fabrics Nazar gives you a saree-like appearance. The basis of your clothing is made of a broad weave, and the dupatta resembles an expanded Koti that rises from your shoulders to the bottom of your attire. Its ostentatious apparel is available in a wide range of options, from bright to dull, giving you the appearance of wealth.

Anju Fabrics Our most popular Kurti, Sheesha, is available in hazy tones and works best with lighter skin tones. The knee-length Kurti has a chiming base and comes with a simple dupatta. It is most suitable for the summer.The options don't stop here they were only a few well-known wholesale dress matrial and ladies suits. Consider using Anju Fabrics Kesar, Ghunghat, Design point, Hassen buddy, Ghunghat, and Try Anju Fabrics' Kesar, Ghunghat, Design point, Hassen buddy, Ghunghat, and sheesha. They are also stumbling.

Outstanding Material Quality Since they provide the highest quality material that doesn't crumble even after numerous washes, Anju Fabrics has created such a huge market.The majority of these kurtis are composed of cotton, but you can also find some remarkable options in silk and other glittering materials.