Wholesale Dress Material

Wholesale Dress Material

Full Set Only
INR 695
8 Pieces
Belliza Guzarish Exclusive Embroidery Work Dress Material With Mal Mal Dupatta
Full Set Only
INR 475
12 Pieces
Vanilla Slub Cotton Designer Dress Material With Embroidery Work With Chiffon Dupatta
Full Set Only
INR 475
10 Pieces
Harshit Taniya Jam Cotton Digital Printed Dress Material
Full Set Only
INR 225
10 Pieces
Gulzar Summer Solid Cotton Designer Collection Dress Material
Full Set Only
INR 480
6 Pieces
Honey Gulzar Redy Made Heavy Rayon Patiyala Gress
Full Set Only
INR 645
8 Pieces
Alok Vrihani Jacquard Designer Dress Material
Full Set Only
INR 315
16 Pieces
Cotton Pluse Tara Casual Wear Fancy Designer Printed Cotton Dress Material
CATALOG NO :502164
Full Set Only
INR 441
10 Pieces
Zulfat Gulmohar Cotton Digital Printed Running Wear Dress Material
CATALOG NO :502162
Full Set Only
INR 375
8 Pieces
Hiralal Baheti Ravi Casual Wear Stylish Printed Cotton Dress Material
CATALOG NO :502161
Full Set Only
INR 325
16 Pieces
Memsaab Priyadarshini Fancy Printed Cotton Casual Wear Dress Material
CATALOG NO :502160
Full Set Only
INR 465
10 Pieces
Belliza Nakshatra Linen Cotton Digital Printed Festive Wear Dress Material
CATALOG NO :502158
Full Set Only
INR 426
10 Pieces
Mehta Flora Cotton Designer Printed Dress Material+Chiffon Fabric Dupatta
CATALOG NO :502157
Full Set Only
INR 411
12 Pieces
Kulfi Designer Modal With Embroidery Casual Wear Dress Material Collection
CATALOG NO :502155
Full Set Only
INR 799
4 Pieces
Orrly Designer Jam Silk Cotton Embroidery Work+Reyon Fabric Bottom With Nazneen Emroidery Dupatta Dress Material
CATALOG NO :502154
Full Set Only
INR 294
16 Pieces
Balaji Spark Fancy Work Printed Cotton Dress Material Full Cataloge
CATALOG NO :502153
Full Set Only
INR 404
20 Pieces
Suryajyoti Trendy Cotton Fancy Designer Casual Wear Dress Material
CATALOG NO :502152
Full Set Only
INR 310
10 Pieces
Iris Printed Designer Cotton Karachi Dress Material Full Cataloge
CATALOG NO :502150
Full Set Only
INR 305
12 Pieces
Cotton Pluse Meera Fancy Designer Cotton Dress Material
CATALOG NO :502149
Full Set Only
INR 331
12 Pieces
Jk Heena Special Edition Cotton Printed Casual Wear Dress Material
CATALOG NO :502145
Full Set Only
INR 303
12 Pieces
Kala Magic Printed Karachi Cotton Stylish Dress Material Full Cataloge
CATALOG NO :502144
Full Set Only
INR 327
26 Pieces
Deeptex Miss India Exlusive Cotton Printed Dress Material
CATALOG NO :502143

The salwar suit is a common local clothing and a popular one as well, it is no wonder why women have actually moved on to creating their own versions of the ideally perfect suit. This can be done by buying dress material and then stitching it to your preferred template. A stylish looking appearance should not be the compromise of wearing traditional attire, the dress material makes this objective clear. 

The high demand for such has caused a rise in wholesale dress material production throughout the whole of India. It consists of three pieces of clothing, a top piece for kurti, a bottom for pants, and a piece for the dupatta as it is incomplete without this. We offer the best dress material online in bulk quantities for retailers to resell to the public.

Dress material Catalog:

Our experts work hard to keep our catalog updated with the most in-demand styles and trends. Dress materials for wedding receptions, festivals, daily wear, office wear. Available in all colors, white, beige, maroon, and bright summer shades, all can be found here are Tredilla. Ordering from bulk quantity sarees from the USA, Canada, Europe, Australia? We provide international shipping to all countries, domestic shipping to all cities in India can also be availed. The quality of our products will be sure to surpass your personal expectations.

Types Of Dress Material We Have:

Depending on the occasion, every woman should have more than enough styles of dress material to make sure she is well dressed even for surprise functions with little advance notice.

Designer Dress Material:

Our designers put a lot of effort into creating some extravagant dress materials, these are called Designer dress material and considered to be rare due to their one of a kind decorations. Objects that we use to make these include shimmery sequins, semi-precious stones, vintage beadwork, all these can be combined or used in pairs to make a clearly different but elegant garment that shows off the grace every woman should have. All the embellishments are carefully thought out to maximize the potential of the garment. If you are looking to get wholesale salwar kameez catalog collection then do visit our salwar suit section.

Embroidery Dress Material:

An olden day art form is skilled stitchwork in such a way that it creates a distinguishable pattern or set of images that increase the appeal of a dress material. It has been used extensively to become the world's most used decorative technique, especially in India it can be seen on all types of dress materials and can form some memorable pieces that feature embroidered flowers along the length of the fabric. With the combination of colors they make for a great wear for women of all shapes and heights.

Cotton Dress Material:

Cotton is a very favorable material to be used in clothing, this is especially true for the climate conditions in India. The fabric has small pores that allow air circulation accompanied by a cooling effect. All of this in addition to the perfect summer look that will turn heads. Now you can get cotton dress materials in all the bright colors that you always wished for. Cool and fashionable will be your motto for the summer season, both are easily achievable with our current collections. Our Wholesale sarees section on our online shope have a good collection of sarees if you are looking to buy one.

Punjabi Dress Material:

Arriving from Punjab, our Punjabi dress materials are known for their over the top decorating that will see you through the most fashionable events, Decorations are most concentrated on the top, around the neckline and collar, the sleeves, the borders, all are matching the same theme. They are known to make use of the bright and dark colors together to form an unlikely fusion that is not seen on any other type. Wear them with pants or shake it up with a pair of baggy pants to catch spectators off guard, both are comfortable but baggy pants are more stylish. We also have a good collection of wholesale lehenga make sue you check our lehenga section out.

Printed Dress Material:

Someone who wants to wear dresses on a regular basis can get printed materials. A variety of prints can be seen on them that are even a professional look for office going women. Cool and comfortable enough to be worn all day in summer or winter. Any color can be found that you like.

Pakistani Dress Material:

Only the most extravagant decorated fabrics can be used to make the stunning Pakistani suit, this is why we have reserved specially made designs that will make jaw-dropping suits to please even the hardest critics in the family.

Churidar Dress Material:

Churidar is a tight-fitting trousers design that many women find very casual and pleasant. For this reason, we have developed a line of churidar dress material for longer duration wearing for a relaxing atmosphere. When teamed up with a plain, printed, or embroidery kurti, the look will match any woman. If you are looking to buy kurti then do visit our kurtis catalog section and you can look at more then 100+ catalogs to chooes from.


Do you regularly struggle to find your size on other websites? This is now a thing of the past as we have all sizes stocked up so that you will never face this problem again. M, L, XL, XXL are all some basic ones that we keep. You will find the right one that fits you well and is also comfortable to wear for longer times.


Getting the product to you will be no issue since we give all our customers domestic and international shipping at reasonable rates. Fast processing makes sure the well-wrapped parcel will reach you at the earliest date possible. 

Only trusted and safe shipping companies that are used to partner with will assure a speedy and timely delivery of the product with no chance of theft, damage, or loss coming to the package along the transport process. 


One security that is fixed throughout our products is that the price is the lowest possible price for the highest grade of value. Buying more than one product is achievable with the prices we put on all items, go ahead, and spoil yourself with a few dresses that you will never regret buying, even buy for a close friend or family member as a birthday gift.

Why Choose Us?

  • Lowest prices that will fit every budget. We offer such prices even though our quality is the best in the country, our aim is to be affordable enough so anybody can buy from us at any time. Our competitors may offer the same price but not as well produced products that have faults.
  • Supreme quality that can be trusted each time, our products are made using only the finest raw materials that give a premium finish to all the garments. You will never receive a defective product from us. High-quality dyes reduce the chances of color leakage when washing. No tearing or hole formation will ever be experienced with our products so buy with confidence.
  • Original designs that appeal to all preferences can be found under a single roof, we are here to cater to the masses. Have a look at our catalogs and we guarantee that you will find more than one that you will want to purchase for yourself.

Custom stitching:

For women who are looking to get a perfect fit that will compliment them, even more, they can easily send their body measurements and we will get it sewn to the exact numbers for a minimal price that is much better than testing time and effort trying to find your own tailor. Save more time and have it customer sewn to your own liking, it is a great option for when there is not enough time to get it done yourself.