Wholesale Sarees

Wholesale Sarees

Full Set Only
INR 390
4 Pieces
Feed Back Poly Cotton Designer Silk Saree
Full Set Only
INR 572
4 Pieces
Mednapuri Cotton Silk Festiv Wear Saree Collection
Full Set Only
INR 512
5 Pieces
Natural Silk Cotton Silk Saree Collection
Full Set Only
INR 451
4 Pieces
Sweety Cotton Casual Wear Saree Collection
Full Set Only
INR 495
6 Pieces
Saroj Chhavi Chiffon Georgette Printed Saree
Full Set Only
INR 709
8 Pieces
Saroj Priyanshi Designer Brasso Saree Collection
Full Set Only
INR 682
4 Pieces
Spectrum Handloom Designer Wedding Wear Cotton Silk Saree Wholesale Rate
Full Set Only
INR 460
18 Pieces
Sanskar Signature Casual Wear Exclusive Printed Saree Collection
Full Set Only
INR 781
4 Pieces
Samaira Heavy Cotton Silk Designer Saree
Full Set Only
INR 572
4 Pieces
Mednapuri Casual Super Designer Printed Saree
Full Set Only
INR 495
11 Pieces
Shangrila Suruchi Linen Super Hit Printed Saree
Full Set Only
INR 374
8 Pieces
Saroj Emlli Casual Wear Weightless Geogette Saree
Full Set Only
INR 650
6 Pieces
Nayantara Series Mina Heavy Art Silk Saree Festival Wear Full Catalog
Full Set Only
INR 446
6 Pieces
Torian Hndloom Cotton Silk Designer Saree
Full Set Only
INR 924
4 Pieces
Suhag Joda Jacquard Silk Designer Wedding Wear Saree Full Cataloge
Full Set Only
INR 875
6 Pieces
Saroj Marie Gold Heavy Lycra Frill Designer Saree Collection
Full Set Only
INR 800
6 Pieces
Amar Padmavati Party Wear Saree With Jacquard Blouse
Full Set Only
INR 435
20 Pieces
AB Roopkala Heavy Mal Mal Printed Casual Wear Saree
Full Set Only
INR 545
6 Pieces
Saroj Pankhudi Jacquard Designer Party Wear Saree
Full Set Only
INR 710
4 Pieces
Benzer Cotton Daily Casual Wear Saree
Full Set Only
INR 451
4 Pieces
Sweety Exclusive Casual Wear Cotton Fabric Saree

The saree is an iconic garment that is the national clothing of India. It is a 6-9 yard piece of cloth that can be draped in a specific way to look feminine and graceful, and easy sight for the eyes. A blouse and petticoat is required to nail the look right. For many decades the saree has been the highlighting garment of our culture. It is not biased on any woman who looks great in it despite having any body type. In our wholesale women clothing i.e tredilla clothing we focun on quality no compromize on that that's why our customer adors us. 

Wholesale Sarees Catalog Online:

Our team of professionals does an excellent job of updating designs on a regular basis especially since Surat is a famous market for sarees. Retailers can get wholesale sarees for resale at the lowest prices and looks that will draw customers to their shops. Ordering from bulk quantity sarees from the USA, Canada, Europe, Australia? We provide international shipping to all countries, domestic shipping to all cities in India can also be availed. The quality of our products will be sure to surpass your personal expectations.

Sarees For Every Occasion:

Throughout the year there will be several instances where your wardrobe is not enough and you will need to fill it up each year with newer models. This is possible with the unbelievable rates we offer all customers. 

Wedding Sarees

Weddings are the number one occasion that women wear sarees for as it is a traditional event that requires you to put on your best saree as many photographs will be taken and memories will be made. Make the most of your time and have a saree that will be remembered for many years to come. Even go ahead and get matching outfits with friends and family members.

Designer Sarees:

If you are the fashion-conscious type and are willing to try new and different styles of saree we suggest you have a look at this range of designer sarees that are custom made using an assortment of colors and embellishments that will have you stand out from the crowd. Getting compliments will be so easy with these one-piece garments that can be made from any kind of material. You can also buy wholesale lehenga from our online store to get the best price.

Daily Wear Sarees:

A majority of Indian women wear the saree on a daily basis making it the daily wear clothing of choice for many. For this our simple, lightweight collection is both fashion-savvy and comfortable enough to be worn throughout the day even in hot weather. Women can even wear them to the office regardless of your profession. Cotton is usually most preferred for these sarees as they are cheaper, lighter, and make movement much more comfortable for walking and sitting.

Partywear Sarees:

Everyone knows that parties are an opportunity to show off all your latest clothes and dance and enjoy yourself with all the fun activities of the occasion. It also calls for a shopping trip so that you can buy an appropriate outfit, this is where you will find our selection more than enough to satisfy your needs. Something that contains the shiny and shimmery element should be selected for nighttime functions that call for a chance to put all other women aside when it comes to their clothing decisions. 

Festive Wear Sarees:

Traditional and religious festivals are scattered throughout the year, an important occurrence in Indian religion. Occasions such as Holi, Raksha Bandhan, Diwali are celebrations that are best done the traditional way with a saree that visually describe our traditions. Multi-colored sarees are most popular for these times of the year as women want them the most compared to others.

Types Of Sarees:

Various types of sarees on the market can be found in our warehouse and many other ones.

Net Sarees:

In recent years netting material has been used on all ethnic clothing, we use it to make special sarees known for their unique look due to the delicate material that bears intricate embroidery detailing that is done on the sparse netting fabric. The saree might be see-through so you can show off a designer blouse and petticoat if you want to, restrictions do not apply with such beautiful garments that are aimed to make you look unforgettable. If you are looking for a kutris we have a huge kurtis catalog collection to chooes from.

Printed Sarees:

The simple and sophisticated design form is the printed pattern that is suited for daily or office wear. A machine is used to apply any design onto fabric. Printed saree patterns include floral, animal print, traditional motifs, checks or stripes, and many more. This is a way of mixing a variety of colors without making a disaster as all gel well together. 

Bollywood Sarees:

Watching movies is a common pastime of all boys and girls, and many times we get inspired by an outfit that we see on the big screen. Our Bollywood saree range consists of outfits you have seen your favorite actress wearing in a blockbuster film or even on the red carpet of an important event. Any woman will have a magical aura surrounding her when she wears her idols saree.

Embroidery Sarees:

One of the oldest decorating techniques for clothing is the stitching of colored threads in particular movements to create breathtaking patterns and images, this is known as embroidery and is used on garments throughout the world. It is so popular among designers that it will never be considered old or obsolete, it is a clever way of enhancing the true graceful looks of any fabric. Designs used include floral roses, animals, leaves, ethnic coin, peacocks, etc.

Plain Sarees:

Perhaps this is the most basic and common style of saree seen in the nation. Made from a plain piece of material that does not have any sort of decorations on the surface. The main idea behind these outfits is to keep the price very low and at the same time make it available to all markets and retail shops who always order this specific style. The hero is the color of the saree, bright greens, and orange, pink is commonly seen in this form. Every woman is bound to own at least one of these. If you want to get your own dress customized, It is better to get a wholesale dress material and we got you covered on that because we have a lot of options for you to choos from.


The choices of fabric include the following types and also others. We are aware of the requests from all women which is exactly why premium raw materials are used to create all our catalogs with no compromise for quality standards.

Georgettecan be either made from silk or from synthetic fibers like nylon, polyester, or rayon. The final product is a soft and viscose material that is easy to drape and is irresistible with or without decorative features. All colors can be made to look good in this fabric which is why a large portion of all sarees are made using this material, it is also very affordable to the public.

Silkis the fabric of choice for every Indian woman as it is valuable, attractive, and has a great cultural past in our religion. The smooth and shimmery looks make it an easy to please option suitable for every occasion you can think of, making it hard to make a fashion flop when wearing it. Guaranteed, all women in the country must own at least one or more silk saree in her wardrobe. Bright shades look good but darker colors shine more as they are enhanced in the night.

Banarasi is the world's most famous and well-known saree is the Banaras saree that originated in the city of Varanasi. A blend of colors and patterns such as traditional motifs, animals, floral images make for an interesting sight and the best for tourists who are fascinated by the impressive skill behind such artworks.

Cotton- You will want to be wearing only this fabric in the summer season as it acts as a temperature regulator by cooling the body and allowing air circulation. Other advantages include fast-drying and simple washing instructions. Light white and off-white shades make it easier to stay cool and still look subtle in fashion terms. It is perfectly made for adjustment to the hot and humid climate areas.

Methods Of Draping A Saree:

There are two main methods of draping a saree, the traditional techniques and the modern ones that are aimed at making the saree look modern and revamped to be fashionable and stunning and is usually used by the younger generation of girls.

Gujarati Style:

Worn by all women in the state of Gujarat, in this style the pallu is made to be draped and pinned across the bust and does not lie freely on the back like the Marathi style drape. It is widely used even by Gujarathi women living abroad.

Marathi Style:

It is the customary draping style for women of Maharashtrian descent. The main feature is that the pallu is draped across the front to the shoulder and is gathered, pinned, and allowed to fall freely over the shoulder to the back.

Butterfly Style:

If you ever get tired and bored of the olden day ways of draping the saree, there are other ways to get it done in a more stylish looking way. One such method of wearing the saree is the butterfly style. Here the pallu is carefully fashioned in a way that makes there appear to be identical butterfly wings pinned to the front of the saree. It is an alluring look that a woman should try at least once in her life. You can also buy wholesale salwar kameez catalog from our online shop to get the best deal.

Neck style:

This is a modernized look in which the saree is thoughtfully made to drape around the neck so that it looks almost like a scarf that is folded around the neck. It is an unconventional and different looking style that has earned praise and popularity amongst all the young and experimental fashionista women who are willing to deviate from the traditional pathways of our culture.


Shipping can be availed by all customers. Orders will be processed fast and shipped to the mentioned address all over India. Adequate packaging is used when preparing the orders for transporting. All consignments reach their destination on time and without damage or delays as we use trusted courier companies to partner with. Buy from us with peace of mind knowing that the purchase will make it to you as soon as possible.


For prices that are realistic and much lower than our competitors you can trust us to give you a bargain that you just cannot refuse. Instead of one, you can easily afford two products. All this for high-quality items that are made using premium quality starting materials that will look great and last longer than most other options on the market. Rest assured that there will be no leakage of colored dye, fabric shrinkage, or tearing.

Reasons To Choose Us:

  • Endless variety of traditional clothing to buy from.
  • Reliable shipping for both domestic and international clients.
  • Lowest prices that are affordable by every person.
  • High-quality items that will last for many years, no defects.
  • 24/7 Customer support 
  • Numerous payment methods.

Manufacturer and Supplier information:

We are a leading manufacturer situated in Katargam, Gujarat. Our business deals mainly with the making of textiles, but also the circulation and supplying of Indian traditional women's wear around India and other countries where there is high demand for such items. Over the years we have gathered many loyal customers who have come to appreciate the workmanship of our products and the reasonable prices at which we give them.