Wholesale Sarees

Wholesale Sarees

Full Set Only
INR 800
8 Pieces
Sangam Mango Silk 2 Cotton Fabric Jaquard Printed Saree Collection
Full Set Only
INR 425
6 Pieces
Sp Aaradhya Vichtra Silk Embroidery Saree Collection
Full Set Only
INR 750
9 Pieces
Sangam Kiara Georgette Fabric Embroidery Saree Collecton
Full Set Only
INR 755
10 Pieces
Kashvi Mirai Silk Georgette Fabric Printed saree Collection
Full Set Only
INR 995
5 Pieces
Ronisha Kinnery Teri Braso Printed Designer Saree Collection
Full Set Only
INR 825
8 Pieces
Kalista Apple 2 Vichtra Silk Embroidery Saree Collection
Full Set Only
INR 625
4 Pieces
Niharika Silk 47 Fabric Designer Saree Collection
Full Set Only
INR 895
4 Pieces
Ronisha Sarojini Silk Fabric Designer SAREE Collection
Full Set Only
INR 995
4 Pieces
Ronisha Soni Pari Silk Fabric Designer SAREE Collection
Full Set Only
INR 1295
6 Pieces
Rajtex Kiassa Weaving fabric Designer saree Collection
Full Set Only
INR 1000
8 Pieces
Sangam Rajshani Silk Fabric Designer Saree Collection
Full Set Only
INR 935
6 Pieces
Sangam kaaya Linen Fabric Designer saree Collection
Full Set Only
INR 555
10 Pieces
Kashvi Nayra Satin Fabric Styliesh Saree Collection
Full Set Only
INR 1545
10 Pieces
Manjubaa Misty Silk fabric Designer Saree Collection
Full Set Only
INR 380
4 Pieces
Anarika 22 casual Silk fabric Designer Saree Collection
Full Set Only
INR 565
4 Pieces
Niharika Silk 46 Fabric Designer Saree Collection
Full Set Only
INR 275
12 Pieces
Hirwa Symbol Geogette Fabric Designer Saree Collection
Full Set Only
INR 1195
6 Pieces
Rajtex Kamreen GeoGette Fabric Designer Saree Collection
Full Set Only
INR 295
12 Pieces
Harni kashi Geogette' Fabric Designer saree Collection
Full Set Only
INR 1380
8 Pieces
Sangam Padmakshi Banarasi Silk Fabric Designer saree Collection
Full Set Only
INR 695
4 Pieces
Lakshya Vidya Banarasi Silk FABRIC Designer Saree Collectioin

Saree is the most admired outfit all around the globe. It is the traditional outfit of India and is always the prior pick for each and every occasion. Women also tend to wear it on a regular basis. The attire is available in an uncountable variety. The fabric that we use to make the outfit is durable and long-lasting. The adoring embroidery work done with the help of diamonds, pearls, and laces makes the outfit look super gorgeous.

Our Latest Catalog

We have a range of cheap wholesale sarees for business, That are made from the premium quality of the fabric. As we are the wholesaler you can buy the outfit in huge quantity and at a low price. We know that every woman cherishes a comfortable and soft fabric and keeping this thing in mind we provide our customers with premium quality of fabrics. The catalogs that you see on our website are all the latest and trending which is rarely found in any other online store. The price that we offer you at our site is comparatively low regarding all the other sites. You just need to select the desired one by simply clicking on it. You can also go ahead with single piece sarees avilable at wholesale price in India

Range of Sarees catalog that we Have

At our store, you will come across a wide variety of sarees with thousands of color options and work. We have sarees for every type of occasion if you want them for a wedding or are willing to get them for festivals than you can definitely get them here. You will get Surat sarees wholesale price online and choose the best one for yourself or your loved ones.

  • Printed SareesThe most comfortable and elegant ones are printed sarees. They are detailed with some adoring and interesting prints and are perfect for summers. Going to attend a kitty party or having a small gathering at your place, these sarees will give you the most effective look. Some ladies wear sarees at their workplaces and they usually prefer for some simple and fluorescent prints. Linings, checks, and traditional motifs are the most favorite prints of women and we have a collection of them in different colors.
  • Silk SareesA royal and rich fabric that has a special place in every woman's wardrobe is silk. The richness and smooth texture of this fabric are just too attractive. The material is made from the larvae of mulberry silkworms and then it is converted into a different range of silk fabrics. We have a list of some highly demanded silk sarees that are detailed with a lot of effort and hard work.
  • Bhagalpuri Silk Sarees: The specialty of Bhagalpur, Bihar is famous globally. Some gorgeous Bhagalpuri sarees made from dying techniques are within easy reach of customers on our website. Detailed with gold and silver threads and a beautiful border at the pallu makes it a worth buying outfit. You can also buy kurtis catalog from our online shop.
  • Mysore Silk Sarees: A range of eye-catchy and traditional Mysore silk sarees are just a few clicks away from you. Having fancy borders and the latest designs makes the saree look more interesting. Alluring colors and drastic prints on the saree makes it one of the best silk sarees.
  • Banarasi Silk Saree: The most famous type of silk is the Banarasi silk. It is the pride of Uttar Pradesh detailed with zari work and shimmery threads that take up to six months to make the most desired ones. A multicolor Banarasi silk saree having golden borders and some traditional motifs is a perfect occasional pick.
  • Kanchipuram Silk Saree: This silk saree has its origin from Tamil Nadu. They are weaved in three shuttles, if the pallu is of different shade then it is woven separately and after that, it is joined with the saree. The part where pallu and body meet usually consists of a zigzag line when they are interlocked together. You can also buy wholesale dress material from out online shop.
  • Georgette SareesWhen it comes to a lightweight and shimmery fabric then georgette is the most favorable one. It is a sheer, dull-finished crepe fabric that is originally made from silk having a crinkly surface and created by alternating S and Z twist yarns in both weft and warp. Now it is also made from synthetic fibers like polyester, viscose, and rayon. It is an appropriate fabric for every climatic condition. It has a playful and voluminous appeal that gives the wearer a graceful look.

Cotton Sarees:

Cotton needs no introduction. It is a soft and fluffy fabric that is obtained from cotton plants. It has the ability to control sweat and moisture providing you with a fresh and cool feel. It is the highest consumed fabric all around the globe. Favorable for every climatic condition and is available in some adoring bright and vibrant colors. The fabric can be combined with other materials so give them a soft and comfortable touch.

South Cotton Silk Sarees:

A combination of cotton and silk is very effective. Cotton gives the perfect drape and silk gives the perfect luster. We have a wide range of south cotton silk sarees that have some stunning embellishments and borders. You can buy the most beautiful Surat sarees online low price from our webstore.  

Daily Wear Sarees:

Many woman wear saree on a daily basis. If you are willing to get them in the best fabric than you can surely get them here. Available in cotton, chiffon, silk, and other lightweight fabrics make it a perfect regular wear. Some prints and motifs give it an exemplary look. Digital print, block print, and geometrical print sarees are the best choices. As they do not have any embroidery work and laces, therefore they are great for daily purposes.

Bridal Sarees:

You don't need to go anywhere else as we have a collection of royal and rich bridal sarees. They can be worn at any pre-wedding or post-wedding function or you can opt for it for your wedding reception to gleam the event. You can wear a pearl-embellished saree at your engagement ceremony giving a perfect fashion statement to all the ladies there. Dark and rich colors are more preferable for brides and you can get them easily here. 

Why Choose Us?

We are one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of wholesale women clothing from Surat, India. The products are distributed all over India as well as other countries including the USA, UK, Canada, Australis, etc. You can buy your desired outfit from any corner of the world by simply clicking on the desired outfit and without wasting your time searching for it in the market. Our services are open 24/7 so you can contact us anytime and get the product in the prescribed time.