Wholesale Pakistani Salwar Suit

Wholesale Pakistani Salwar Suit

Full Set Only
INR 750
8 Pieces
Kaara M Print Exclusive Digital Printed Pakistani Suits
Full Set Only
INR 699
6 Pieces
Kaara Sana Safinaz Mahay Collection Cotton Embroidery Pakistani Salwar Suits
CATALOG NO :502159
Full Set Only
INR 1485
4 Pieces
Ramsha R Fancy Emboidery Pakistani Suits Wholesaler
CATALOG NO :502141
Full Set Only
INR 711
5 Pieces
Saniya Maria B Lawn Cambric Cotton Mprint Embroidery patches Pakistani Suits
CATALOG NO :502133
Full Set Only
INR 920
2 Pieces
Bonanza Noor Special Edition Heavy Embroidery Patch Work Lawn Cotton Pakistani Suits Collection
CATALOG NO :502123
Full Set Only
INR 725
4 Pieces
Kilruba Firdous Feative Wear Digital Print With Embroidery Pakistani Suits
CATALOG NO :502112
Full Set Only
INR 849
5 Pieces
Juvi Sarang Stylish Cotton Lawn Pakistani Suit+Bottom Collection-Exlusive Dupatta
CATALOG NO :502107
Full Set Only
INR 849
5 Pieces
Juvi Sarang Cotton Lawn Pakistani Suit+Bottom Collection -Stylish Chiffon Dupatta
CATALOG NO :502106
Full Set Only
INR 742
7 Pieces
Shree Firdous Designer Collection Silk Pakistani Slawar Suit With Embroidery Work
Full Set Only
INR 950
8 Pieces
Shree Mariya Spring Exclusive Padding Shades Pakistani Slawr Suit - Full Catalog
Full Set Only
INR 1251
4 Pieces
Ramsha Butterfly Net Exclusive Pakistani Salwar Suit - Catalog
Full Set Only
INR 1255
8 Pieces
Saira Exclusive Pakistani Suits With Embroidery Work
Full Set Only
INR 713
6 Pieces
Deepsy Firdous Digital Print Designer Pakistani Salwar Suit
Full Set Only
INR 899
5 Pieces
Saniya Charizma Jam Satin Pakistani Suit With Lawn Fabric Bottom Premium Chiffon Dupatta
CATALOG NO :502092
Full Set Only
INR 949
5 Pieces
Kaara Qulamkar Cotton Exlusive Embroidery Pakistani Salwar Suit With Lawn Bottam,Amazing Silk Dupatta
CATALOG NO :502084
Full Set Only
INR 950
6 Pieces
Deepsy Maria B Lawn Cotton With Haavy Embroidery Designer Pakistani Suits Collection Cataloge
CATALOG NO :502078
Full Set Only
INR 879
5 Pieces
Deepsy Zaaira Cotton Stylish Embroidery Pakistani Salwar Suit
Full Set Only
INR 1151
2 Pieces
Ramsha R Jam Silk Heavy Embroidery Work Pakistani Salwar Suit
Full Set Only
INR 1299
4 Pieces
Saaniya Sana And Sara Designer Heavy Embroidery Work Pakistani Suit - Best Catalog
Full Set Only
INR 949
6 Pieces
Kaara Maria B Exlucive Pakistani Salwar Suit With Heavy Embroidery Work
Full Set Only
INR 1251
3 Pieces
Ramsha Exlucive Heavy Embroidery Pakistani Salwar Suit Collection

Salwar suits are an important part of the Indian fashion world and has won over the hearts of many women who choose this dress as their regular daily wear. No other garment is known to be this comfortable, And for such prices it is no wonder why it has reached peak popularity among Indian women living in overseas countries. 

One specific style, The Pakistani suit has also become a high demand item in countries like India, Pakistan, UAE, Oman and other countries. Wholesale Pakistani Suits are shipped worldwide and reach to your doorstep as soon as possible. It incorporates all the crafts and accessories to make a graceful clothing that compliments the female physique. Wholesale women clothing will always be in the priority of tredilla clothing, To deliver the best quality products at your door step asap.

About Pakistani Suits:

Pakistani suits & Karachi cotton suits are a style of salwar suit that is mostly worn in Pakistan as well as other Islamic countries around the world even today. They are an elegant and well-designed collection of clothing that should be taken care of properly due to the heavy decorations and embellishments seen on the fabrics. readymade original karachi cotton suits make the wearer and look graceful and feminine with little to no effort required, this contributes to its high popularity among women in India. Fancy enough for important events such as weddings, parties, festivals, and even casual outwear clothing. There is no limitation as to what design can be applied to the fabric and articles, all are sure to enhance the final look of the outfit with no chance of a mistake.

Largest pakistani suits catalog:

With the largest wholesale salwar kameez catalog to choose from you will be spoilt for choice. Dark colors such as black, navy blue, and maroon are common offerings that our customers can choose from. If not to your liking take a bright playful color like white, peach, or pink. Embellished beads, stones, and sequins assure there is a style for every occasion is what our selection will guarantee you, and at an affordable price that will not empty your pocket. Now looking great also comes at a rate affordable by all women regardless of her background.

Types Of Pakistani Suits We Have:

Women are continuously on the lookout for trending and unique Pakistani suits, this is why we have them in stock, single and wholesale quantity, among many other styles that you will want to own desperately.

Pakistani Cotton Suits:

Cotton material is thin and light, best for prolonged wearing throughout the day running errands in town or working from the office, the best part being it looks good on everyone who wears it. You will not regret wearing this on a hot summer day when it is humid and sunny. Bright and light colors are suited to this particular fabric and hotter climates such as India. Beat the heat with our wide range of natural cotton fiber suits with embroidered pattern work.

Minimal enough to be worn as daily wear or work wear without ever feeling overdressed or underdressed compared to clothes that other women wear. If you want to stitch your own salwar kameez then You should definately check our wholesale dress material section we have a lot of dress material that you cannot find anywere els.

Karachi Cotton Suits:

As the name suggests, this style originates from Karachi, which is why it is even more famous in Pakistan but is finally also available in India. The cotton fabric used here s soft and textured at the same time. They hold traditional significance and that is why it is gets sold out fast. White and off-white are the natural colors of the fiber and this is why you can find most of our pieces are in these colors which ease off a calming and cooling effect onto the wearer and everyone who is around her.

The long and straight cut compliments tall women who have long legs to show off, but this should not stop any others from wearing it at any time they wish to wear it out in public. We also have a huge collection of , So make sure to check our sarees section out.

Pakistani Lawn Suits:

The quality of lawn fabric makes it appropriate to wear in vibrant colors on bright days without any restrictions. Dress to your heart's content with these suits that will keep you well dressed throughout the year. Have a look at our collection and your wardrobes will be full of them. You will be getting compliments from all of your friends and family with your brave palate choices.

Readymade Pakistani Suits:

Most of our competitors have unstitched suits that cost more to get sewn. No need to waste your time and energy in searching for a skilled tailor who will sew it well, instead we have our own tailor so we offer readymade Pakistani suits that are fit to match the size and design expectations that every woman expects from her own clothing. If you are looking for a good lehenga choli collection we have a perticula section for wholesale lehenga for you to check it out.

Heavy Pakistani Suits:

We understand that many times there is a need for that extra special outfit for an occasion close to your heart. For this very reason, we have designed a range of heavy Pakistani suits that will make every woman melt when she sees them, it is a deal that she just cannot refuse. Using all of the colors that women choose as their favorite colors, the prices are also desirable with quality that exceeds the price point.

Fabric choices:

Comfort remains one of the most important features for women when they are purchasing any clothing, this is well understood by us and that is exactly why we only use premium fabrics to create our masterpieces, with no exceptions. Here are the fabrics that we take pride in using in our Salwar suits. 

  1. Cottonis the most widely used natural polymer in the world, and we love to use it as well. It is a light and breathable fabric that helps the body breathe which is very important in the heated climate countries. 
  2. Georgette Is an important fabric that every woman should own. Georgette clothing is usually accompanied by decorations such as beads, intricate stitching, and even multi-colored stonework and needs no ironing as it gets very few wrinkles.
  3. Silk Has always been considered a valuable material to own and is very common in Southern states in India where it is produced on a large scale. The soft, shiny, and smooth characteristics make it suitable for making any kind of clothing including Pakistani suits.

Accessories To Pair With Pakistani Suits:

  • Jewellery is considered one thing that every woman cannot leave her house without, it’s almost like leaving the house without wearing shoes. Jewellery such as earrings, necklaces, and bangles are the basic things for women to wear and enhance her overall look, it will help her accomplish any look she pleases.
  • Clutches are small bags that can be used to carry important objects such as tissue, mobile, money for events. Actually, it has a double role and can serve as a fashion accessory to match up with the color and decorations of your dress. Never leave the house without one of these useful items.
  • Shoes are a girl's best friend and she must be having many pairs of shoes to wear with all her outfits. Apart from being fashionable and stylish, they should also be comfortable enough to be worn for prolonged periods of time and should not stop you from dancing all night.
  • Makeup is an item used to bring out the features on a woman’s face, but sometimes too much makeup can be a recipe for disaster. Minimalistic makeup is the key to a natural look that will also keep you cool in humid conditions, so be aware of this tip. 
  • Dupatta or scarf can be used to be different or to spice up a dull outfit. It is a staple clothing article or can be used to make a fashion statement in any situation. Pick a matching or contrasting color, The choice is all yours. we have a wide range of kurtis catalog collection for you to check it out.

Reasons Choose Us:

  • Lowest prices to satisfy all budget groups.
  • Widest selection of products to buy from.
  • Original products, no defects or imitations.
  • High-quality products that last long.
  • Various payment methods.
  • 24/7 Customer Support.
  • Safe domestic and international shipping.
  • User-friendly website navigation.
  • Safe courier agents.

Trusted Quality:

We have never received any complaints about our products from customers, this is simply because we take pride in our products and make sure that we only use strong and long-lasting materials that will increase the lifespan of the garments. With the correct wash care precautions there will be no leakage of color or shrinkage of the fabrics themselves. All are sure to fulfill all the fashion and comfort desires that every woman expects when she purchases new clothing from a shop.