Wholesale Cotton Dress Material

Wholesale Cotton Dress Material

Full Set Only
INR 325
12 Pieces
JK Handy Pure Cotton Fabric Printed Designer Dress Material
Full Set & Single
INR 460
4 Pieces
Boutique Handwork Suits 2 Cotton Designer Dress Material
Full Set Only
INR 241
12 Pieces
Devi Dhamaka 6 pure Cotton Stylish Dress Material - Casual Wear
Full Set Only
INR 713
4 Pieces
Deepsy Panghat 4 Nx Pure Jam Cotton Exclusive Dress Material
Full Set Only
INR 245
10 Pieces
Meenaxi Rangeeli Cotton Printed Casual Wear Stylish Dress Material
Full Set Only
INR 460
4 Pieces
Kanshvi Vol.1 Cotton Designer Dress Material - Casual Wear
Full Set Only
INR 515
15 Pieces
Aarvi Special Patiyala 13 Pure Cotton Exclusive Ready Made Dress
Full Set Only
INR 455
15 Pieces
Ridhi Sidhi Paaro 3 Cotton Plain Ready Made Dress Material
Full Set & Single
INR 430
4 Pieces
Mayuri Sadhu Khadi Cotton Festival Wear Dress Material
Full Set Only
INR 348
10 Pieces
Jt Avantika Pure Cotton Printed Classy Look Dress Material
Full Set Only
INR 375
15 Pieces
Mayur Batik Special Pure Cotton Printed Dress material
Full Set & Single
INR 875
16 Pieces
Alok Mograa Jam Cotton Designer Dress Material - Festival Wear
Full Set Only
INR 415
10 Pieces
Mehta Flora 65 Cotton Designer Dress Material- Casual Wear
Full Set & Single
INR 518
8 Pieces
sana Fashion Cotton Fabric Daily Wear Dress Material
Full Set Only
INR 400
22 Pieces
Mcm Priyalaxmi 18 Cotton Stylish Dress Material - Casual Wear
Full Set Only
INR 325
20 Pieces
Laado Print 54 Cotton Casual Wear Exclusive Dress Material Collection
Full Set Only
INR 354
12 Pieces
Kuber Geet Patiyala 5 Cotton Casual Wear Stylish Dress Material
Full Set Only
INR 395
18 Pieces
Baalar Zaara 7 Cotton Printed Casual Wear Stylish Dress Material
Full Set Only
INR 518
4 Pieces
Meera Vol.1 Cotton Designer Dress Material Collection
Full Set Only
INR 330
10 Pieces
Mayur Ikkat Special 5 Pure Cotton Casual Wear Stylish Dress Material
Full Set Only
INR 575
6 Pieces
Avc Surbhi Cotton Designer Dress Material Collection

The basic requirements for making a stunning salwar suit first starts with the basic material that is going to be used to make it. Designs on dress materials are usually thought to involve only sparkling objects appropriate for special functions, this is untrue as even simple materials can make an attractive suit. Simple yet subtle embroidery, lacework, and crochet also can be used to enhance the natural appearance of any dress material, of course, dull or neutral tones look better in cotton-based materials.

The market for wholesale cotton dress materials has increased due to the higher demand and popularity of these. Cotton is a fabric that has been cultivated and harvested for clothing purposes for centuries, they accrue many benefits that other wholesale dress material cannot give. Valuable properties of cotton make it an ideal raw material for all garment production.

Advantages of Cotton Clothing:

  1. Cotton material has minute pores in the fabric that allow air to easily pass in and out to keep the body temperature regulated and cool. Countries with hot and humid climates are more prone to using cotton-based clothing rather than other ones. Light shades ranging from white to beige are proven to assist in sweat reduction and cooling effects of the body.
  2. This textured material is considered as the most comforting fabric that is ductile and soft enough to be worn throughout the day, so day in and day out you will never get bored or experience any rashes of discomfort or allergies.
  3. Easy to wash and is fast drying in any conditions, this is a relief in the monsoon season when we require a fast-drying fabric. It also requires less care and does not easily leak color when washed.
  4. The large production of cotton around the world ensures that the prices are kept low and affordable by all people and their budgets. It is considered a basic essential in the wardrobes of every woman. 
  5. Always being stylish has never been so easy when it comes to cotton. It is considered as an evergreen trend that does not get outdated for any reason, this simple fiber comes in fashionable looks that are irreplaceable.
  6. The slightly textured feel is what makes you fall in love with the cotton fabric, the epic soft and rough yet comfy material is exactly what buyers are searching for. Something different is always welcome. Cotton is a long-lasting material that cannot be damaged very easily. We also have churidar dress material on our online shop 

Types of Cotton Dress Material:

Cotton cultivated in different areas and methods gives rise to a wide array of cotton subtypes, these are some that are used by us in our clothing.

  • Handloom Cotton: Cotton made from the process of using a hand-spinning weave is also called 'khadi'. This process is different from the modern machine-woven yarn hence it is more valuable and rare, requiring more skill to be made properly without defects. They are a bit hard to find in shops, but no worries as we are fully stocked with all the latest trending looks. We are also selling wholesale salwar kameez if you want it readymande.
  • Chanderi Cotton: Chanderi cotton is a traditional material that is specially woven by using luxurious silk fibers into the pure cotton strands to give a material that has a higher graded appearance. The final product is an enriched fabric that has a combination of all the desirable properties that women will be interested in.
  • Lawn Cotton: This is a fine clothing material known to be a graceful fabric, perfect for the femin+ine look that every woman is trying to perfect. Yarn with a high thread count is used to make this material and it is also the reason it has a smooth and lustrous feeling to it. As you can imagine, the best salwar suits can be made from this prized material and you will be looking like an angel in these airy looms.
  • South Cotton: The Southern part of the country is well known for its impressive cultivation skills, it is through this that we get the majority of our South cotton that can be used to make any type of garment you wish. Its flowy nature makes it easier to customize and shape into the dress template you want. The bright shiny colors are most bought in this unique material and are a daily wear option for any woman. We are also selling kurtis catalog at cheap price on out onlien shop.

Other Types Of Dress Material:

If cotton dress material is not what you want, we also have a wide variety of designs in other fabrics that are still stylish and comfortable for your wearing to any kind of function, at home, or outside. These alternatives are available at similar prices so you will not be paying more. On our wholesale women clothing store, We keep a close look at quality because that is the most important thing to maintan our dress material quality.

  • Georgette is a widely used material praised for the sheer shadow-like characteristic, included is the lightweight and semi-dull appearance that can be used for brighter colors of the spectrum that are otherwise blinding if worn in other alternative fabrics. Georgette dress materials are easy to wash and will dry in no time at all. The soft feel and flare prone fabric will be well suited to making gown-like suits such as Anarkali suits and flared suits.
  • Embroidery dress material is one that no woman can say no to, all eyes become automatically attracted to them as they make an irresistible suit. Any color of embroidery will suit the colors you like, no need to match up perfectly as they can be mixed and matched with other bottoms. Any pattern or image can be placed in stitching on the fabric, this means there will be many designs to choose from.
  • Punjabi dress material features the typical traditional long sleeve or 3/4 sleeve top with a customary baggy pleated pants that are a local garment in Punjab, hence the name Punjabi dress material. It has gathered much fame on social media due to the fashionable pictures taken by women wearing these cultured looking garments.

Printed Cotton Dress Material has risen to become the most popular and sold out types of dress material. Every woman has enough money and space to get many of these outfits from us at a bargain price. The fame of this style can be contributed to the fact that it is the most simplified form of dress material that can be used to make appreciated designs of salwar suits without increased costs and efforts. Also, the printed designs make great use of floral, animal, leaf, ethnic coin, geometric shapes, checks, stripes, or patterns, this makes for virtually an endless selection of wholesale printed cotton dress material designs that can be bought and worn back to back without repeating or getting bored. Any color you think of can be found in this specific type, reds, blues, grey, whites, beige, even light and bright pastel colors can easily be found in printed cotton material catalogs. Every shop around the country is bound to have these in stock at all times as women want to get their hands on them before everyone else, they are the best selling product in every state of India and so retailers wanted them in bulk quantity can easily place an order and get a wide variety for all their customers to have.